Cielesnica Palace is an ideal place for those valuing rest in a tranquil and scenic environment. The location of the palace amongst beauties of nature and away from hustle and bustle of city life will guarantee our guests a comfortable and relaxing stay.

However, by no means will your visit be defined as monotonous or uneventful. Our major ambition and intention is to be ranked as the cultural centre of our region. Therefore, we have established a cinema room, a library, and a club room where different cultural events, such as concerts or temporary art exhibitions, will take place.

Besides, since the place used to play a major role in our local history, we would be delighted to familiarise our visitors with the rich record of the region, this place, and its prominent owners.

Apart from that, we will continue to strive for promotion of local arts and crafts, as well as endeavour to organise training courses in different spheres of craftsmanship, especially those typical of Podlasie region.