Cielesnica is located within comfortable distance from Biała Podlaska (20 kilometres) and Janow Podlaski (15 kilometres). Therefore, our palace is a perfect base for exploring the tourist attractions and natural beauties of Podlasie region.

In the vicinity you may explore:

- Janow Podlaski with its world-renowned horse breeding establishment that specialises in the Arabian horse

- Podlasie Bug Gorge Landscape Park near Janow Podlaski

- Serpelice village situated on Bug River (famous for white-water rafting, canoeing rallies, and its curative, Iodine-full air)

- numerous Roman Catholic sanctuaries, i. a. in Koden, Lesna Podlska, Pratulin

- numerous church buildings of Eastern Orthodoxy, i. a. in Jableczna, Kostomloty, Grabarka